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Routine Eye Exam – Clavenna Vision Institute

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routine_eye_1Our patients come to the Clavenna Vision Institute for routine yearly eye exams. Our board certified doctors are not only trained to treat eye disease but also help detect them early or even prevent them. People should have their first eye exam at age 5 and every year or two afterwards depending on the health of their eyes.

During an eye exam we will:

  • Check your vision and need for glasses
  • Examine the eye by dilating the pupils
  • Discuss the health of your eyes and other recommendations for continued eye health

We can detect problems such as:

Eye exams are painless, but will leave you with slightly blurred vision and light sensitivity for a few hours. Most people do not need to bring a driver and can drive themselves home afterwards. We will give you a pair of plastic sunglasses to help if you do not have a pair with you.

Call 248.646.3733 or contact us here with questions.

Eye Surgery Procedures at Clavenna Vision Institute

At their state-of-the-art laser eye surgery facility, Dr. Carl Clavenna, MD, and Gregory Fitzgerald, MD, help improve the visual clarity and health of their patients by using the most advanced LASIK technology available. With LASIK surgery, patients are able to enjoy crystal-clear vision within minutes of completing the procedure. In addition, the Clavenna Vision Institute provides exceptional care for cataracts patients that restores their vision following the removal of cataracts and clouded lenses.

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